Sponsored Student Testimonials

Contributing to the future relationship between Japan and Turkey

Berberoglu Halil Tuna
37th Term Scholarship StudentBerberoglu Halil Tuna

Hello, my name is Berberoglu Halil Tuna, and I am a 37th term scholarship student. I am currently a graduate student focused on international cultural sciences at the Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences at Kagoshima University. I am studying cross-cultural understanding and philosophy as they relate to my field of specialization.

I am very happy to be selected as a scholarship recipient by the foundation. Previously, I had to work part-time and cut down on expenses to pay for tuition and living expenses on my own. But the scholarship has significantly reduced the financial burden, allowing me to focus more on my graduate studies and lead a fulfilling student life.

In addition, the events held by the foundation offer great opportunities to visit new places and learn more about Japanese culture. Interacting with scholarship students from various countries and fields of study is an invaluable experience that allows us to strive even higher through friendly rivalry. I am grateful to everyone at the INOAC International Education and Scholarship Foundation for this opportunity. I would like to continue my studies at the graduate school, broaden my knowledge, and further improve my language skills as well. And ultimately, I will keep working hard so I can contribute to the future relationship between Japan and Turkey.

Creating the next generation of batteries

Shahab Rana Muhammad
37th Term Scholarship StudentShahab Rana Muhammad

I am deeply grateful to be selected as a recipient of a prestigious scholarship from the INOAC International Education and Scholarship Foundation. This wonderful opportunity is a pivotal moment in my academic journey that enables me to pursue my passion for sustainable energy solutions, especially in the field of fuel cell technology.

Japan’s global leadership in technological innovation, particularly in fuel cell research, inspired me to start down this innovative academic path. Driven by unwavering commitment to academic growth, I decided to pursue a master’s degree in fuel cell technology. My aspiration to engage in cutting-edge research and collaborate with distinguished experts in the field helped me make this important choice.

Despite my passion, financial constraints could have hindered my academic aspirations. But thanks to the generous support from the INOAC foundation, I am free to immerse myself in rigorous research. By alleviating the need for long hours of part-time work, the scholarship enables me to focus on advancing fuel cell technology.

My research objectives are centered on enhancing the efficiency and viability of fuel cell systems in order to contribute to the global pursuit of cleaner and more sustainable energy sources. My specializations include the exploration of innovative catalyst materials, the optimization of fuel cell design, and taking on key challenges in the field. I am confident that fuel cell technology has the potential to trigger a paradigm shift in energy production and consumption, and I am determined to play an important role in driving its advancement.

Like my fellow scholarship students, I am eager to connect with like-minded researchers and build meaningful relationships within the foundation. Despite the current constraints of the global pandemic, I am looking forward to taking part in foundation events and making connections that transcend geographical boundaries.

I will make the fullest use of this scholarship as I continue my academic journey with a heart full of gratitude. I am committed to making a significant contribution to my homeland of Pakistan by using the knowledge and experiences gained in Japan. I aspire to be at the forefront of efforts that harness the vast potential of fuel cell technology to make a global and lasting positive impact in the field of sustainable energy. I am both humbled by the foundation’s belief in my potential and determined to rise to the occasion. Thank you again for standing by me as I embark on this transformative journey.

I would like to give back to society by working hard on my research on environmental initiatives for the next generation

Chen Yanlei
36th Term Scholarship StudentChen Yanlei

Thank you very much for selecting me as a 36th term scholarship student. In order to learn about the environmental and energy issues facing the world, including my own country’s environmental problems, I came to Japan after graduating from high school. I selected Japan for its extensive knowledge and experience in environmental issues. After completing my undergraduate studies in the Department of Environmental Science at Saitama University, I entered the Graduate School of Decision Science and Technology  at Tokyo Institute of Technology in order to conduct more advanced research. My current laboratory has many members who are studying environmental issues from various fields and I gain inspiration from the daily brainstorming sessions with them.

I entered graduate school because I wanted to, but due to living expenses and other financial reasons, I was unable to devote myself fully to my research. The scholarship of INOAC International Education and Scholarship Foundation has freed me from my part time job at night. I would like to once again thank the Foundation for their support.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have had few opportunities to get together. However, I hope to deepen my relationships with my fellow scholarship students and the Foundation in the future. I also hope that I will be able to give back and contribute to the Foundation and Japanese society in any way I can through the environmental knowledge I have learned so far and as a member of society.

As a scholarship student, I will work hard in my studies and contribute to the international community from my own perspective.

Yuta Maeda
36th Term Scholarship StudentYuta Maeda

Hello, I am Yuta Maeda, a 36th term scholarship student. I will be attending the Graduate Program in Economics at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities in the fall of 2022. I previously gave up pursuing a master’s degree in the United States due to financial difficulties, and I cannot express my gratitude enough for the scholarship from the INOAC International Education and Scholarship Foundation. As a scholarship student, I will work hard in my studies and contribute to the international community from my own perspective.

I am currently interested in analyzing the problem of asset inequality using macroeconomic methods. Over the past few decades, asset inequality has continued to increase in advanced countries. However, there are a variety of opinions among economists as to the causes and no firm conclusions have been reached. There are also questions that remain unanswered as to what problems asset inequality will ultimately create and how it will affect the fiscal and monetary policies of the Government and the Bank of Japan. I will devote myself to research in Minnesota so that I will be able to contribute to solving these problems in any way I can as an economist.

As soon as the COVID-19 pandemic is over, I would like to participate in events organized by the Foundation and deepen my friendships with other scholarship students.

Studying toward my dream of becoming a researcher in the field of architectural design

Ryu Kankidaku
35th Term Scholarship StudentRyu Kankidaku

First of all, I would like to express my sincere gratitude for being selected as an INOAC scholarship student.

My name is Ryu Kankidaku. I am a graduate student in the Department of Architecture and Building Engineering, Tokyo Institute of Technology, carrying out research on housing design. I study every day with the goal of completing a treatise on methodologies that will help design houses.

Previously, in addition to tuition fees, daily costs, including living and transportation expenses, used to be a considerable financial burden. Now, however, thanks to the scholarship I have been receiving since 2021, I can fully concentrate on my research and extracurricular activities at the graduate school. As the scholarship reduces both my financial and time burdens, I can afford to spend money and time on research, motivating me to study harder.

My aim is to become a researcher in the field of architectural design. Since my childhood, I have always wanted to be a teacher. Researchers engaged in designing buildings are wonderful professionals because they can contribute to people’s living environment with new findings of their academic quest. I believe that studying the composition and transition of residential spaces with the aim of improving the residential environment can serve as grounds for providing design concepts of living spaces in the future.

In closing, I would like to thank you again for selecting me as a scholarship student.

Aspiring to strengthen friendship and economic cooperation between Japan and Myanmar by teaching Myanmar people Japanese culture and language

35th Term Scholarship StudentKYAW ZIN LIN

Thank you very much for selecting me as a scholarship student. I came to Japan because I wanted to be a Japanese teacher. In Myanmar, people who can speak Japanese are in high demand as Japanese companies and factories have been branching out into the country. Myanmar has strong economic and political ties with Japan. I want to be a bridge connecting Japan and Myanmar by introducing Japanese culture to Myanmar and vice versa. Upon completing my study, I will return to Myanmar to teach Japanese. As a Japanese teacher, I wish to use my experience of studying in Japan to strengthen friendship and economic cooperation between the two countries by teaching Myanmar people Japanese culture and language.

To become a Japanese teacher, I want to put my energies into improving my language skills. Therefore, I major in the academic discipline of Language and Culture at Kwansei Gakuin University. I am also aiming to pass the Japanese Language Teaching Competency Test. Previously, I was not able to fully concentrate on my self-study and extracurricular activities due to heavy financial burdens, such as living and transportation expenses in addition to tuition fees. Now, however, the Foundation’s scholarship enables me to work less at my part-time job and work harder on my research and study. I will continue to do my best to make my dream come true.

What I see after delving into a sense of discomfort

34th Term Scholarship StudentAKIRI SEKI


Hello, everyone. My name is Akiri Seki, a 34th term scholarship student. I am very pleased to be a scholarship student of the Foundation. In addition to financial assistance, opportunities to connect with people from various fields are of great help for studying abroad. I will do my best every day so that I can pass the baton I received to the next generation.

There is no guarantee that the norm is the optimal solution at this point. This is what I have been feeling since I decided to study abroad. Speaking of my specialty, I think that the current design method that connects the study of building construction and society can be improved. Irrespective of the field, everyone may feel uncomfortable with the current norm. This discomfort will have the power to change society along with an increase in the number of sympathizers. Many people may have felt the same way in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. To make the most of this opportunity, why not dig a little deeper into your awkwardness, if you feel uncomfortable about the current situation? If you think that studying abroad is a solution to your discomfort, please voice your thoughts. There are quite a few generous parties like the Foundation who will support your challenge.

I hope to act as a bridge between Malaysian and Japan to form good relationships between the two countries.

32th Term Scholarship StudentYEE CHIN MUN

Hello! I'm Chin Mun from Malaysia. I am currently doing my undergraduate degree at Nagoya University G30 International Program. I am majoring in Biological Science and have a strong interest in food nutrition and also public health. Japan has always been famous and niche in their fermented food products such as Nato, soy sauce, sake, miso and many more. As I have always been interested and amazed at the wonderful things microorganism, which cannot be seen by our naked eye can do, it was a great opportunity for me to study in Japan to get to learn more about it.

I'm really grateful to be chosen as the 32th term INOAC scholarship student. It has been an amazing journey so far being a part of INOAC's family. Through this scholarship, I am able to reduce the financial burden of my parents and also enable me to spend more time focus on my academics. I was able to meet with friendly and understanding board of directors and also friends. I have been living in Japan for almost 2 years now. Sometimes, I still face some language barrier as I am currently in an international program and all of my classes are in English. Hence, I have less opportunity to practice and improve my Japanese speaking skills. Fortunately, through the events organized by INOAC, I was able to communicate and apply my Japanese speaking skills with my friends and board of directors.

I would like to express my sincere gratitude towards INOAC International Education and Scholarship Foundation. I was able to meet friends from different countries and also get to know the board of directors. Not to mention, the field trips and events organized by INOAC enable me to visit new places in Japan, INOAC factory tours and also learn about Japanese cultures. In June, we went on a field trip to Maibara at Shiga prefecture. We experience the glass sandblasting workshop at Kurokabe. It was an interesting experience as it was my first time doing it. After the workshop, we also went to an authentic restaurant to their local sukiyaki beef. I had an enjoyable time meeting new friends from different countries and exploring new places.

As an international student in Japan, I would like to take this opportunity to indulge more in Japanese culture and get to know more about Japan. I also hope to act as a bridge between Malaysian and Japan to form good relationships between the two countries. In addition, I also hope to contribute towards the level of English education among Japanese students and also be involved in cultural exchange activities to share about my country and Malaysian culture. Looking forward to creating more memories with the people I meet from INOAC!-->

I will do my best to give back to the INOAC Foundation by becoming a useful person in society.

32th Term Scholarship StudentTAKAYUKI OTA

Thank you very much for choosing me as your scholarship student. I am planning on attending the University of Münster in Germany to study spatial information science, a field that utilizes GPS and location information. The University of Münster is one the world's leading research institutions in the area of spatial science, and I cannot wait to go there and study with students with various backgrounds.

It has been one of my dreams to conduct research at a graduate program of a university overseas. If I had not been awarded a scholarship, I would have had to give up on the idea of studying abroad this time because of economic reasons. I am sincerely grateful to the INOAC Foundation for providing me with support to fulfill my dream.

When doing research and living abroad, I may experience tough times due to environmental and cultural differences I may run into, yet I will do my best to give back to the INOAC Foundation by becoming a useful person in society. Since strong ties have been formed among INOAC scholarship students thanks to the events organized by the Foundation, I am wishing that we, as students under the same scholarship award, will help each other if any problems emerge during research or in everyday life.

I am learning that usually polymer was mentioned as a problem in the environment as plastic waste, but we can find that polymer also be able to be one of the solutions of environmental issues.

Fauzia Hanum Ikhwan
32th Term Scholarship StudentFauzia Hanum Ikhwan

First of all, let me say thousands of thanks to INOAC International Education and Scholarship Foundation for the change and now I can be a graduate student in Nuclear System Safety Engineering Department, Nagaoka University of Technology.

My name Fauzia Hanum Ikhwan, I am from Indonesia. Since I was in a bachelor student in the Chemical Engineering Department, Indonesia Institute of Technology, I do love to do research. For me personally, by doing research, I can learn many new things that I never know before. Moreover, by doing research I learn how to do something in the better way to get a better result. My goal is doing some research that will be useful and applicable to our environment.

Before I continue my study in Japan, I was a researcher in Metallurgy and Material Engineering Department, Universitas Indonesia. My research focused on polymer and rubber technology. In 2017, INOAC gave me a chance to do research regarding the synthesis of hybrid polyurethane by funding my research and I was succeeded to develop a novel route of the synthesis and produce a journal in my first International conference.

Now, INOAC gives the second opportunity to continue my study In Japan as one of a developed country in the world with advanced technology. And yes! I found a place where I can improve my research skill and my knowledge of polymer technology for the environmental sector. I am learning that usually polymer was mentioned as a problem in the environment as plastic waste, but with knowledge and technology, we can find that polymer also be able to be one of the solutions of environmental issues. Not only researches opportunities, INOAC International Education and Scholarship Foundation also introduced me to other inspiring scholarship awardees and beauty of Japan and its interesting culture.

I want to make a useful contribution to the next generation.

31th Term Scholarship StudentKARIN ERGUEVEN

I would like to express my sincere thanks to the Foundation for selecting me as a scholarship student. Now, I am filled with deep gratitude and clear determination to proceed with my studies. I decided to go to Kwansei Gakuin University despite the high tuition fees because it offers unique programs and plenty of opportunities to meet business leaders. Carrying a hefty financial burden of not only the tuition but also living and transportation expenses, I have had to spend a lot of time working part-time, which has prevented me from focusing fully on my graduate work and extracurricular activities. The Foundation's scholarship significantly improves what would otherwise be a difficult situation by reducing financial and time burdens so that I have time to devote myself to my studies. Going forward, I will further expand my knowledge and accumulate experience through the MBA program and international exchange activities with the future aim of promoting people's great ideas and visions to the world through business marketing. I have received support from those around me along the way and it's now my turn to make positive contributions to the next generation. I also hope I will be able to encourage other women in the highly competitive business world, where women still have to struggle to keep taking an active part.

I want to achieve research results worth recognizing to give back to society.

31th Term Scholarship StudentJIANG HAOYANG

I very much appreciate your choosing me as a scholarship recipient. I came to Japan four years ago to endeavor to become what I believe is an ideal scientist. I am now enrolled in the Doctoral Degree Program of the Graduate Major in Materials Science and Engineering, School of Materials and Chemical Technology, at the Tokyo Institute of Technology, studying and developing photocatalytic materials to be used for next-generation renewable energy sources using sunlight. Because daily laboratory work takes up much of my time, it is difficult for me to work part-time. Thanks to the scholarship, which covers some of my educational and living expenses, I can spend more time focusing on my studies, for which I am most grateful to the Foundation. Furthermore, the Foundation gives us valuable opportunities to participate in various evens for scholarship students, such as INOAC plant tours and research presentation meetings. At these events we can discuss research topics in a wide range of fields with other students from various locales and exchange information for daily life, thereby enhancing communication skills while working together with each other. As a student deemed worthy of the scholarship, I will work even harder at my studies and research, striving to become a pioneering scientist who will venture into the unknown, achieve results worth recognizing, and give back to society to the best of my ability.

I will continue to study in order to not forget my original intention to become a talent who can connect countries in the world.

30h Term Chi Seongsu
30th Term Scholarship StudentChi Seongsu

Annyeonghaseyo (Hello in English), I am Chi Seongsu from Korea, a member of 30 th graduating scholarship student. I appreciate to give me this opportunity to experience various things as a scholarship student of INOAC International Education and Scholarship Foundation through a year.
It's been 6 years since I came to Japan and I experienced so many things.
When I look back, I realized the year that I had been with INOAC Foundation was the most impressive year.
Because of your economic support, I was able to focus more on my research. Furthermore I was able to have a very meaningful experience we never known before such as INOAC factory tour where the only authorized personnel can enter and a Japanese houseboat. At the same time, I was able to meet friends who are studying in different field.
In addition, it reminds me to get back the beginning of 6 years ago that "I would like to meet more people and learn more things through communication" during I'm spending most of my time on research since I started on master's course. In the times of various values are conflicting, I will continue to study in order to not forget my original intention to become a talent who can connect not only Japan and Korea also among countries in the world. Thank you so much.

I hope I can build a good relationship between my country and Japan in the future.

30th Term Andri Rahma Putra
30th Term Scholarship StudentAndri Rahma Putra

First of all, I would like to express my gratitude to INOAC International Education and Scholarship Foundation by saying thanks to the Foundation for accepting me as one of scholarship student in the year of 2016. It has been an amazing year in 2016 for me. As I can remember back then, I got the scholarship information from my supervisor in Indonesia on late 2015. And then after I got my bachelor degree on February 2016, I applied master course program in Japan together with the scholarship. And surprisingly, I got them both. Nagaoka University of Technology accepted my application as a master student in Department of Nuclear System Safety Engineering and the Foundation accepted my application as a scholarship student. Furthermore, I came to Japan on April 2016 and started my study as a master student since then.

For about 9 months, I have studied and lived in Nagaoka. At the beginning, I felt some difficulties such as language, environment, and people. However, I began to adapt and being able to live and study well as the time goes by. Until today, I can tell that my performance in study and research was pretty good. And I hope I can keep up my pace and performances well until my graduation on 2018. The reason for my good performance was of course because of my good condition mentally and financially. Living far away from my family and out of my own country is a whole new different level of study experience. However, because of supports from the Foundation then I was able to conduct and perform my study well for the first year in my master course program. And I am sure I can continue to improve and keep up my work with the Foundation support.

More than financial support, the Foundation also provided me some opportunities to get to know another scholarship students that come from another countries. By holding some events with different agendas in different locations, the Foundation gave me an opportunity not only to meet new friends from other countries but also to understand various Japanese cultures and traditions. It is very important and good opportunity for me and I always wait for the event from the Foundation. As my closing statement, I hope I can build a good relationship between my country and Japan in the future. And I hope I can make the Foundation proud of me by giving them the best I have during my study. I appreciate everything that the Foundation has done for me. Thank you.

I could realize my dream of studying in Australia.

29th Term Shun Harigaya
29th Term Scholarship StudentShun Harigaya

Thanks to the Foundation for selecting me as a scholarship student, I can now realize my dream of studying at the University of Melbourne, Australia, for one year as an exchange student. With my current major being seismic engineering, I will belong to the School of Earth Sciences of the Faculty of Science, the University of Melbourne, and study geophysical exploration for inspecting subsurface structures using seismic waves and gravity. I truly look forward to studying in a laboratory together with local graduate school students, while gaining exciting stimuli from international students from around the world.
As many people who have studied abroad before have told me, awaiting me are not only fun things but also many difficulties. One of my purposes for going to Melbourne is, however, to overcome such hardships and to become mentally tougher than now. The experience of establishing personal relationships from scratch in a new environment with a different language, culture, and mindset from what I am used to in Japan will surely expand my horizon and give me much more confidence in myself over one year.
At get-togethers held periodically by the Foundation, I am always encouraged by the staff of the Foundation, and motivated by international students from a wide variety of countries to work even harder than now. Above all, such events are truly fun, and this is why I always make a point of participating in them. I look forward to reporting on my excellent achievements in Melbourne at a get-together held after my return to Japan.

Thanks to the support from the Foundation, I can devote myself to research now.

29th Term E Fangzun
29th Term Scholarship StudentE Fangzun

I would first like to express my sincere appreciation to the INOAC Foundation for awarding me a scholarship.
Since coming to Japan to study at my own expense, I initially performed part-time jobs. Although this experience was good for me in terms of learning about society, it limited the amount of the time that I could spend on research. Thanks to the Foundation, however, I can now devote my time to my research. Now I don't have any part-time jobs, other than working as a teaching assistant at my graduate school.
I am in the first year of a doctoral program of the Graduate School of Engineering of the Aichi Institute of Technology. Majoring in production and construction engineering, I conduct research on sceneries envisaged by residents of the Chinese Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. By performing research on the imagined landscapes of children in the Chinese Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, I strive to find out what types of archetypal images should be developed when such children grow up in the future. I expect that repeated research on international comparisons with Japan will contribute to community development in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region in the future. I would also like to support interaction between China and Japan.
In my free time, I like making traditional Japanese tea, traveling, and participating in volunteer activities. By trying my hand at a wide variety of pursuits actively in my daily life, I aim to assimilate into Japanese society.

Owing to the support from the Foundation, I have developed myself.

28th Term Voitsitskaya Xeniya
28th Term Scholarship StudentVoitsitskaya Xeniya

It has been five years since I came to Japan. I would like to express my deep gratitude to the Foundation for selecting me as a scholarship student.
My interest in the mechanisms of human beings and nature led me to decide to study psychology in Japan. While studying at a Japanese language school in Osaka, I used to do a part-time job in order to earn money to enter a university in Japan. Although I was studying hard even in those days, I didn't have sufficient time or money, making my life very hard.
Even after enrolling in the university, while studying hard, I continued to work at my part-time job until late at night, as before. In those days, there were a few things that I was aware of. First, the time that I spent on my part-time job was too long for me to have sufficient time to study. I was very worried that even though I had come to Japan to study, I could not study properly. In addition, since Japan is rich in history, I felt that it would be a waste not to travel in this country.
When I was a third-year student, I heard that the Foundation accepted scholarship applications from students. Although I did not have much confidence, I decided to try and apply for the scholarship. The result, to my surprise, was that I was able to pass the selection process, and now I have a scholarship from the Foundation.
Thanks to the scholarship, I do not have to work at a part-time job for as long as I used to, allowing me more time to spend on studying and traveling. Presently, I am trying many things that I have never experienced before in my life. I feel that studying does not mean only going to school and listening to and memorizing what the professors say; rather, it is important to discover, observe, suspect, question, and prove what I am interested in, and even to make mistakes.
What I am today, I totally owe to the people that I have met so far and the experiences I have accumulated so far.
I would like to conclude by expressing my cordial appreciation to the Foundation for supporting international students, myself included, and providing us with hopes and dreams. Thank you very much.

My ambition is to find work through which I can contribute to both China and Japan.

Li Gen
27th Term Scholarship StudentLi Gen

My ambition is to find work through which I can contribute to both China and Japan.
My sincerest thanks go to the Foundation for selecting me for a scholarship. This assistance enabled me to devote myself to my studies, and for that I am extremely grateful.
I came to Japan as an undergraduate exchange student and, impressed by Japan's educational environment, I decided to pursue my graduate studies in Japan. I am currently a member of the Ultra Precision Engineering Research Laboratory at Nagoya University's Graduate School of Engineering, in which capacity I conduct research on ultrasonic hydrodynamic bearings. In addition to my research, I regularly engage in communication with Japanese people in Japanese and other foreigners in English and I exercise to stay in shape, hoping thereby to acquire the communication skills and basic physical fitness required to find work on the global stage. The Foundation's support, when I was busy searching for employment, enabled me to successfully find work as a mechanical engineer in Japan. I wish to work hard to contribute in some small way to ensuring that Japanese manufacturing plays an active role in the global market, my desire being to contribute to both China and Japan so that people of both countries can enjoy more prosperous lives.

The intent of acquiring expertise in the world's most advanced technology.

27th Term Scholarship StudentLAI THE PHONG

I would like to offer my sincere thanks for recently being selected by the Foundation. I came to Japan three years ago as a foreign student, with the intent of acquiring expertise in the world's most advanced technology and of helping countries, societies and individuals enjoy more prosperous lives. Admitted to the Nagoya Institute of Technology, I attended university classes during the daytime as a privately funded foreign student, while working part-time at night to pay for tuition and living expenses, though my part-time job proved quite a burden on me.
I am presently enrolled in the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, where I am able to learn specialized knowledge, as well as study subjects of a more general nature; I am extremely grateful for the scholarship I received. A variety of networking events are held to enable participants to meet people from numerous countries, and I hope to devote more time to such get-togethers so as to gain a genuine sense of globalization. Thanks to the Foundation, I have been able to reduce my workload somewhat, cutting back on my part-time hours and focusing more on my studies. I am intent on applying myself assiduously to my studies and pursuing personal growth in the process, so as not to disappoint others' expectations and to avoid regrets later on.

Thanks to the Foundation that I was able to realize my dream of studying abroad.

Yuri Yokoyama
25th Term Scholarship StudentYuri Yokoyama

I attended graduate school in Spain on the scholarship. I had wanted to focus exclusively on my research and had not taken any part-time job. So I believe it was thanks to the Foundation that I was able to realize my dream of studying abroad. My field of study is Spanish-language education; my research topic is "Spanish-language education for Japanese speakers, incorporating the perspective of understanding intercultural communication." I have been researching the misunderstandings that can arise from cultural differences and approaches to foreign-language education that are designed to prevent such misunderstandings.
I studied linguistics and applied linguistics at graduate school in Spain. My curriculum featured a broad range of content, including the most effective foreign-language instructional methods and the history of Spanish-language education. Being able to read through the latest research papers, as well as to ask questions and discuss matters with my dissertation advisor in writing my master's thesis, provided me with a cutting-edge graduate-level education. In Japan, financial limitations and time constraints had made it difficult to gain access to the latest research papers and monographs from Spain, so my experience studying abroad was particularly meaningful. I was extremely pleased to be able to earn my master's degree in Spain, with the help of so many people, among them the instructors who offered me guidance on my master's thesis, as well as classmates and friends. Beyond my studies, I was also able to meet people whom I can call friends for life, and I enjoyed quite a fulfilling time as an international student. Credit for this, too, goes to the Foundation, for supporting my research with a scholarship. Thank you so much.