About the INOAC group

About the INOAC Group

The INOAC Group began as Inoue Rubber Co. (now Inoue Rubber Co., Ltd.) in 1926. In 1954, it became the first company to successfully produce urethane foam in Japan by implementing the technology through a partnership with the German company Bayer AG. Since then, it has continued to develop a variety of new materials and has expanded into a wide range of businesses from household products to automobiles and high tech.

The group has a long history of international operations, beginning with the export of inner tubes in 1933 and the construction of its first overseas plant in Sri Lanka in 1959. Now, it operates about 70 production sites across 14 countries and territories. The interpersonal networks and partnerships built in each country and territory over more than seven decades are an invaluable asset to the INOAC Group.

The main products of the INOAC group

INOAC scientists apply their expertise in the advanced fields of urethanes, plastics and rubber/elastomer to creating new high-performance materials and sophisticated new products.

Automobile exterior parts Automobile interior parts

Urethane product Resin product Rubber product

IRC tire HUKLA INOAC LIVING Living environment products